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Cryo Facials

Throughout history, humans have been obsessed with finding different ways to combat the appearance of aging, such as gray or white hair, wrinkled skin, dark spots, loose skin, puffiness, etc. There have been many opinions and scientific discoveries in the hair and skin care industries. Today, we will be talking about another rising trend called cryotherapy, or which includes cryo facials. We at Myrtle Beach Med Spa, located within Family Wellness Center, are here to help you to achieve your wellness goals. What Are Cryo Facials?

cryo facial

Cryo is short for cryotherapy, which is a type of cold therapy. We use cryotherapy on the full body or just part of the body. We are going to talk about cryotherapy for the face, also known as cryo facials or frotox. This is becoming one of the trendiest options for facials.

First, we will cleanse and prepare the client's skin for treatment. We use a cryotherapy machine freeze the client's skin to a temperature suggested to tighten and tone the desired treatment area. After approximately 60 minutes, the treatment will be finished, and you are ready to go home.

Benefits of Cryo Facials

There are many benefits to cryotherapy and cryo facials. Clients may see an improvement in their skin after having cryo facials, such as reducing inflammation, improving skin tone, decreasing fine lines, and boosting their skin's elasticity. Clients with cryotherapy facials often report having more youthful and vibrant skin!

If you want to try our cryo facials, visit our med spa to make an appointment with our licensed Esthetician in Myrtle Beach.

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